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Professionally Curated  •  Practitioner-Exclusive 

We're proud to partner with Metagenics, a leading producer of pharmaceutical-grade lifestyle medicine. Dr. Ricano has personally developed protocols specific to various sets of symptoms & health goals.

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Because protocol bundles are practitioner-exclusive, we need to send you a recommendation.

Email us your full name & list the protocol(s) you'd like. We'll send you a link that allows you to purchase it directly!

This power-packed combination of Inflavonoid, PEA Relief & Evening Primrose Oil alleviates pain by targeting inflammation at the cellular level.

Pairs well with Chiropractic Care!

FAT LOSS protocol

These dietary supplements support your body by stabilizing blood sugar & helping to maintain cellular energy throughout the day.

Don't lose weight to get healthy, get healthy to lose weight!

SLEEP protocol

Not your typical sleep remedy! Calm a restless mind, relax strained muscles & more. Did you know your body heals when you're resting?


This soothing supplement bundle helps you fall asleep & stay asleep.

Sleep affects your physical, mental & emotional health. If you don't know where to start,

start here!

Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact us to speak with Dr. Ricano about the bundles listed below, or browse individual products here.


Women's Health
Men's Health

Kid's Health
Prenatal Care



Bone Build
Spinal Tissue



Stress Less

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